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Day 2 #30photodays

So I’m on here on tumblr following fellow gay dudes part of communities and they’re like “ugh all of these creeps all up on me everyone things I’m just for sex ugh send me a million questions which I will answer and flood your dash” and I’m just a non-comm gay here like “hahahaha my body is failing from the piercing loneliness”

Day 1 #30photodays


Having friends on tumblr is really great. I often refer to you guys in real life as “my friend from england/australia/california/new york” and it makes people think I’m very well traveled when really I’ve just spent a lot of time on the Internet.

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Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

I been waiting for the daily show to come back so they could cover this

LMAO, shouts out to Jon Stewart

Shoutout for Jon Stewart for not having me think white people are complete shit


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Bonfire #hyperlapse


  • Employee: Does your snake need a new terrarium?
  • Sir Mix-A-Lot: my anaconda DONT

"I don’t like mint." (at Minnesota Masonic Home)

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